MarcEdit 5.1 Tab Delimited Wizard Update

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

I’ve been meaning to add direct Excel support to the Wizard for a while, and finally did this last weekend.  Here’s the new screens.

Default Screen:


If the selected Input File ends in an excel extension (*.xls), the form will change to show the following:

Excel Import Screen:


Couple of things of note.  Microsoft provides a generic ODBC driver for Excel files and that’s essentially what this program is tapping.  However, the sql that Excel uses is odd, kindof like MS Access.  For an Excel spreadsheet, the table name is the Sheet name.  By default, MS Excel names sheets like: Sheet1, Sheet2, etc.  Because MS Excel doesn’t have a regular order for returning table names, I’ve added a text box (Excel Sheet Name) where the user defines for the tool which Excel sheet the program will extract data from.  So, for example, if I was extracting data from Sheet1, it would look like the following:


Special notes.  While Excel lets you name sheets using a fairly liberal naming convention, the wizard will only support sheets that include no special characters and no spaces.  If you have a sheet name that uses spaces, rename it before running it through the wizard.

Outside of the ability to extract Excel data directly, no other changes were made.  If you have need of this functionality, you can download it from:



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