MarcEdit 5.1 update

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

Couple of updates —

  1. Finished adding functionality to support different DPI settings.  This corrects the oai harvester, the marc tools and some marceditor layout functionality.
  2. Batch File processor — fixed a small error in which the program would save marcxml=>marc conversions as xml files (rather than mrc files)
  3. Save/Save As — when harvesting (and other options that require temp file creation) — save/save as saves to the temp file.  This has been corrected
  4. Compile Records — the MarcEditor can open MODS and MARCXML files directly — converting them to MARC for editing.  When you save, it converts them back to xml files.  However, if you run the compile code, it now will compile the data to MARC as well (as one would expect).