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I’ve posted a MarcEdit with a good number of enhancements, though if they are implemented correctly, you shouldn’t see most of them.  Many are related to making Z39.50 client work better, fold some previous functionality back into MarcEdit and implement a few new pieces of functionality in the delimited text translator and Z39.50 Client.


BTW, anyone have a good translation between MARC21 and UNIMARC.  I’d like to add a conversion between the two to make it easier for folks to use one or both, but I don’t have the UniMARC documentation handy.


Update can be found at:



4 thoughts on “MarcEdit Update

  1. Hi All,

    I have one file consisting of 30,000 records which i need to open in Marc Edit, but am able to open only 3000 records in marc Editor page. I have version 5.0. So could anyone let me know if it is possible to open all the 30,000 records

  2. I sent a reply privately — but for folks that see this. This isn’t a problem — but a feature of the program. MarcEdit’s MarcEditor in 5.x opens large files in a preview mode. Any changes done globally affect the entire file — but only a preview of the file will be loaded. This essentially was done to allow a file of any size to be edited by the Editor (rather than the actual limit of somewhere around 50-150 MB depending on your virtual memory on your system. You can certainly turn the preview mode off (in the options) — but I actually recommend using it for large file sets. Makes things work much faster.