MarcEdit 5.0 beta refresh (Nov. 22)

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

Ok — this is a biggie — not in terms of new stuff, but fixing something that didn’t quite work right. The MarcEditor — a notepad for MARC records — works fine as is but doesn’t allow you to load files as large as the MarcEdit 4.6 generation. In 4.6, you could load files as large as your virtual memory would allow — so I’d openned files as large as 500 mb in the 4.6 editor. However, in 5.0, the editor was limited to about 25 MB if you wanted to do any work on the files. Well, no longer. I’ve been reading the Microsoft .NET SDK — and the problem that I’m running into is that UTF-8 is not a native format on Windows. Windows uses UTF-16 and supports UTF-8 as a codepage modifier. Anyway, I’ve done some work, some reading and believe I have this issue corrected. I’ve spent the last four days, loading, saving, editing files over 250 MB in size and have been able to work with them in the new 5.0 interface. This is great news since this was one of the major obsticles in moving this out of beta.

The new download can be found at: MarcEdit50_Setup.exe.