Geneseo Resource Sharing project

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For the first time, in a really long time, I won’t be home on Mother’s Day.  A trip to Boston last week was extended to include some time in NY to talk to friends and the Geneseo library about the resource sharing project that they are working on.   I was really impressed by the work that had currently been done on this project.  Their work to integrate ILLIAD instances to work towards unmediated article sharing within their partners as well as their ability to generate workflow reports generating time spent on each part of the request and delivery process (seeing information about both the borrowing and lending institutions) was pretty cool.  At this point, this group is looking to expand their current work into a very ambitious open source project that could potentially help both their own consortia, but also provide an open tool that could be utilized by other Interlibrary Loan offices to deal with issues relating to publisher licensing guidelines, as they relate to lending digital articles.  If anyone happens to be working on something like that, they should contact Cyril Oberlander.  At this point, they are starting work on their next implementation of this project and are interested in knowing if anyone else is working a project like this.



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