Ok — I’ve given blood, now you do too

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As a universal donor, I try to give blood when I’m not on my bike (thank you roofing staple) — so, the red cross was at OSU today and without a good reason not to give blood, I dropped by and gave a pint.  I actually wish I could do it more often — but part of what stops me is a horrible fear of needles.  I can’t stand them, look at them, etc.  So, when I give blood, it’s always an interesting experience as I tried to pump the blood out of my veins as fast as humanly possible (about 8 minutes today). 

Anyway, the point — I probably should do it more often.  In fact, more people should probably do it more often — so, if I can give blood and survive the terrible needles, you can too.  If you are able, give blood and save a life.



One thought on “Ok — I’ve given blood, now you do too

  1. I used to always give. Figured my dislike for medical stuff was much less than the need of someone in need of blood. I found drinking plenty of fluids shortly before going in helped the flow. Best to look out the window and not at the surroundings.

    When I had an auto accident I got blood someone had donated. Karma. Since then I’m on meds and can’t donate but I tell the kids when they turn 18 to do their part.