Feeling my age

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Watching my two boys (6 and 3) is amazing.  They have boundless energy.  I remember when I had boundless energy.  Today, I feel like I’m stuck in the mud.  After 600 miles on the bike and about 60 miles running over the past two weeks I’m tired and sore (not a good, since I’ve still got at least another 150 miles on the bike and maybe another 12-15 running miles for this week).  Today for example, 50 miles (25 against a 9 mph side/head wind) on the bike actually was pretty fun.  Then I got home, put on my running shoes and heading out for my run.  It took 3 miles before my calves finally started to loosen up — and by then — I was done.  Fortunately, I don’t mind the tired or the soreness  These types of weeks aren’t so bad because they let you see how much you are willing to suffer on the bike, on the road before you simply have to stop, which makes a big difference when you actually get into a long ride or road race.  The one good thing with age at least — is the pain threshhold seems to be much higher.  Of course, that’s probably because recovery takes so much longer.  🙂



One thought on “Feeling my age

  1. I was wondering if you were in training for a triatholon or something. You say “feeling your age?” My goodness with as many miles you are doing you sound like an Olympic athlete. I haven’t done this regimented amount of exercise since I was in the Marine Corp. ten years ago. I also have a kid that just runs circles around me with energy and endurance. I think you’ve inspired me to get back to some disciplined exercise again so I do not feel my age.