IE Toolbar revision and notes

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I did a little revision this weekend and added the ability to add your own resources to the IE Toolbar for our library. I’ll be implementing this code for Firefox as well so that I can keep compatibility between the two browsers. Here’s an image:

However, something I’m considering doing — and have actually started — is generating a project that will let you essentially compile your own toolbars from this codebase. Essentially, this program uses a XML file and builds its menus dynamically. I’m thinking that with an interface to facility image placement and menu building — anyone could take this program and generate a toolbar for their own libraries. I’m not sure if there is interest for this type of thing, but at least on the IE side, this type of customization would be trivial at this point and save everyone else the headache of trying to build their own toolbars. I’ll think on it — but if anyone thinks this idea has merit, let me know.


One thought on “IE Toolbar revision and notes

  1. I come up with many ideas related with toolbar features, and I have try them using the default internet explorer favorite buttons (with javascript) but would really be happy to know a way to create a true toolbar. Im surfing the web with no success and I hope you can give me a hand. Notice that my projects are not intended to making money, its just for fun.
    Thank you. (Pardon my english)