Oops…MarcEdit 5.x build suspended (temporarily)

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

*Updated:*  Did a little more testing and this problem is related to characters not in the MARC8 character map (those broken in the MARC8 mnemonic that look like, for example: {88} or {89}.  These will translate to ? on the way back rather than keeping this character.  So, for most folks, you’d never see this problem — but if you are working with UniMARC (where encodings vary — you will.  As I say, will have this fixed this evening.

Call this an oops.  In trying to make sure that the marcengine could guess the users intent for character encoding (even when the user may have passed incorrect values), I created a bug.  For Unicode data — there isn’t a problem.  For data that isn’t unicode, there is. 

So, I’ve temporarily removed the files for both the MarcEdit executable (last night’s builds) and the Runtimes file.  I’m guessing I’ll post and update sometime around 7 pm my time (I’d do it earlier, but I keep my dev. files at home) or so. 

Anyway — sorry about that.  I should have made sure I tested over a much larger swath of files (i.e., not just unicode data).