Sometimes, my wife must think she has 3 children :)

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The pictures say it all right?  We decided to have a little fun before father’s day.  We’ll see how long our new hair cuts last (though, I’ll probably keep my at least for one day of work) :)  But it was a lot of fun cutting them.  🙂







I always close my eyes when there is a flash. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Sometimes, my wife must think she has 3 children :)

  1. Terry, this is bizarre because my wife cut our sons’ hair in exactly that way a few weeks ago! Except I wasn’t brave enough to have my hair cut the same way 🙂 Is this a trend?!

  2. That’s funny. In my case, Kenny has been asking for something more exotic for a while and I figured, why not. It’s only hair and it tends to grow back, right? 🙂