ALA Notes — Running in Anaheim

By reeset / On / In Running, Travel

Since ALA seems to shutdown around noon so folks can go and get some lunch, I decided to try my hand at getting a little run in before heading back.  I’ve tried running in California before (mostly San Francisco), and the number of people and cars always foil me.  I’m use to my afternoon runs in Corvallis where I run on the backroads around the university without having to deal with a single stop light or my 5-6 mile run in Independence where I might cross a single person on my jogging path. 

Anyway, I dug out google maps and mapped out a 3.2 mile trek around Disneyland.  Looking at the outlay of the roads, it appeared to have the fewest number of intersections.  I figured, run it today and if it looks promising, running twice tomorrow morning.  Well, it wasn’t bad.  About 1/2 was uninterrupted save for dodging people — the other 1/2 had a few stops — about 6.  That’s still more than I’d prefer, but not bad for the number of people in this general area — so I think that I’ll definitely loop it twice tomorrow.  Of course, I’ll run earlier tomorrow — maybe 6 – 6:30.  The weather isn’t bad here — but again, I’ve been running in weather closer to 70’s — I don’t think it’s that much hotter here but the air just feels heavy.  Hopefully, running in the morning will be better.