First run of the summer

By reeset / On / In Running

Ah — I survived my first timed run of the summer…barely.  *grin*.  It’s been 15 years since I’ve put the running shoes on and ran for time and thought that the Monmouth-Independence MiniMarathon (2.6 miles) would be a good one to start on.  Now, I’ve only been running really, for about 2 months with any seriousness.  Truth be told, I’d gotten back into it because of my Dad.  He did a triathalon last year and I’d like to do one too. 

So, for the last two months I’ve been getting myself back into running shape.  At present, I’m averaging about 5 miles a day but these a jogging miles, not fast running miles.  But today was about fast (or, as fast as I could go today).  The goal was 17 minutes (i.e., to run better than 7 minute miles) and happily I did manage to do it.  My final time was around 17:30 — though I was suffering at the end after running the first mile too fast.  But it was fun.  When I finished, I was a little queazy — definitely wobbly and at present — a little bit sorer than I thought I’d be, but all and all, a good first attempt.  And a good learning attempt as I start working on training for my 10 ks later this summer.  First lesson learned — pick a pace and stick to it — no matter what anyone else is doing.  🙂

Anyway — I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th.