oai and sru gems updated

By reeset / On / In rails, ruby

In wrapping up the Libraryfind update, I’ve had to make some modifications to a few gem packages.  These are the ones updated:

  1. oai: http://rubyforge.org/projects/oai/
    Prior versions of the oai component only supported the ruby libxml gem 0.3.8-.  In order to support the newer versions of the ruby-libxml (which does better memory management), I’ve updated the oai gem that will support both the older and new ruby-libxml apis.  The primary changes are related to how it handles properties/attributes and the way that the oai provider class handles dates (to support OAI 2.0 validation).
  2. sru-ruby: http://rubyforge.org/projects/sru/
    Added libxml support.  For queries that return one or two records, the different between using REXML or Libxml as your parser will be hardly noticable.  However, when queries result in larger datasets, the difference will be measured in terms of seconds.  For example, in some tests, recordsets returning 50 records in MARCXML format could run close to 10 seconds using REXML.  On the other hand, the same search using libxml processes in 0.8 seconds.  For tools, like LibraryFind, which deal with larger datasets, this is a welcome change.