MarcEdit 5.x update notes

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I don’t usually post information about pending updates, but I want to prep users for an upcoming change.  In all versions of MarcEdit, the application installs all application and configuration files by default to the Program Files/MarcEdit 5.0/ directory.  To help make MarcEdit friendlier for Vista/Group managed XP systems, the next build is going to separate the program files from the configuration files.  Why do this?  Well, in Vista and Group managed XP based systems, the Program Files directory is set as read-only for all users but workstation administrators and for the first time, I’m seeing a tipping point where more users are not doing everyday tasks logged in as administrators. 

Unfortunately, making this work in MarcEdit is tricky only because of the large established user-base and some other application needs so I’ve been taking my time trying to work out a process that will be pretty much transparent to the user.  In the coming update, the MarcEdit application will be doing three things:

1) On install, it will migrate your current configurations to the Roaming User application program (XP: c:\documents and settings\[user]\application settings\MarcEdit

2) On Install, MarcEdit will keep a shadow copy of your configuration files in the MarcEdit program directory/shadow.  These file essentially will be used for back-up purposes.

3) Remove the current directories at the program files/marcedit 5.0/ level (since they will be migrated and backed-up).

At present, I have a number of users that are trying out the new migration process and providing feedback so by the time this makes it out as an update, the process shouldn’t be noticeable.  When I post this update (soon), I’ll include an update on the migration process as well as a few shortcuts and diagnostic links that will be included to help get users to these user files quicker when needed (for example, if there’s a need to modify xslt files).


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