LibraryFind available

By reeset / On / In LibraryFind

LibraryFind has officially been tagged and posted to the website.  You can get the tarball here:  This release has admittedly been a long time coming.  What’s held it up?  Well, primarily work that we were doing for people interested in using LibraryFind outside of the public view.  Of course, the result of some of that work has been integrated into the build which I think will make the overall application better and more reliable. 

The other thing that slowed the release of has been the parallel development of 0.9.0.  The 0.9.0 branch will represent a different direction in the UI — in that the UI will be much more responsive to users, allow users to stop a query at any point and retrieve present results, see queries and search status, etc.  Because the 0.9.0 represented, in many ways, a redesign of the UI framework, the time that it took to make it all work together took more time as well.  Fortunately, at this point, the 0.9.0 test branch is also feature complete, so the turn around between the and the 0.9.0 builds should be a short one.