My next chapter at Oregon State

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Changes, changes.  One thing that is always true at an academic institution is that things just don’t stand still very long.  Jeremy Frumkin, my good friend and partner in crime here at OSU for the past 5+ years, has moved on to the University of Arizona, leaving some very big shoes for the library to fill.  I’m going to miss him (and his family) quite a bit (though don’t tell him — I don’t want this going to his head :)). 

And myself, well, my role at the OSU Libraries is changing too.  As of today, I’m no longer the Digital Production Unit head at Oregon State University…rather, I’ve accepted the position as the Gray Chair for Innovative Library Services.  This move for me is an exciting one because of the real opportunity that this position has to help mold the future directions at OSU libraries.  In this new role with the library, my job will be to help the library identify new services and technologies that can help the library continue to meet the growing needs of our patron communities.  Part of that, will be taking a closer look at how the library is currently doing preservation and data curation, as well as the overall digital library infrastructure here at OSU.  Exciting times, indeed.


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