MarcEdit 5.0 Update (Dec. 7, 2005)

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

Ha! Finally, I got the record exporting code to work again. When I’d first set it up, it worked great on our ILS, but didn’t on others. So, after a few sleepless nights (and banging my head against a wall and sobbing) I finally got this problem fixed. The program should now work as expected when exporting data to any server supporting TCP connections.

Other miscellanous fixes — the program checks for path similarities in the MARC Tools interface so that you can’t accidently make the input and output paths the same. Oh, and I’ve add the Export option to the Windows Context menu, and am testing the COM interface to the new MARCEngine. So long as I’m happy, I’ll update the package this weekend/next week to include the COM objects to access the MARCEngine via vbscript as well as update the MarcEdit 5.0 help to include full documention for both COM and .NET interfaces to the various components (MARCEngine, Sockets Engine, MarcEditor, etc.)

Anyway, the new download can be picked up from: MarcEdit50_Setup.exe