And it just continues to fall…

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While the idea of having snow on Christmas still sounds like a good idea, I have to admit, I’m ready to start seeing the white stuff melt away.  Unlike many other states (or places that get snow with some regularity), Oregon simply doesn’t so a little bit of snow turns normal, decent drivers, into morons.  Yesterday I was lucky to make it home in one piece after someone tried to park their car in my back seat.  Of course, its not just the drivers.  Because we get snow so rarely in the Valley, the State and its cities simply are not prepared to remove it when it does come.  You won’t see snow plows clearing roads, or streets being de-iced (unless you live in Portland, and even that is a crap shoot).  So, when the snow shows up, it stays.  Fortunately, I have a 4 wheel drive with chains so I can get around most anywhere if I need to — though that will likely be tested today as I need to make a trip over the mountains (otherwise, I have two little boys that will be sadly missing time with the Grandparents and opening presents).  Anyway, the point.  Yesterday, we’d gotten some rain (freezing rain), but for the most part, all the snow had disappeared and it looked like live was returning to normal.  Today, I walk outside and this is what I find:


And for me, the big downer to all this has been a real lack of cycling time.  For the most part, the snow has been too deep (or icy) for me to spend time out on the highway biking — but at least the boys and I will get to have another snowball fight this morning. 🙂