I think I like mod_rails

By reeset / On / In LibraryFind

I’ve been doing a little performance and memory benchmarking, but let me say that I think I like mod_rails.  I’ll write up something a little bit later, but for distribution, mod_rails = sysadmin love.  Just install a gem, run an installer and add 5  lines to your httpd.conf file and your running.  As a bonus, it’s even slightly faster than mongrel (though you pay for it with a slightly higher footprint upfront).  Anyway, you got to love that.

Anyway, LibraryFind 0.9 is “finished”, having been migrated to Rails 2.2.2 on a server running mod_rails for testing.  I’m going to be working to wrap this up this week (I hope) and move it from R&D testing to public testing here in the library.  And as an fyi — I have a few more cool changes to note — though those will be subject of a different post.