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Just a couple of quick MarcEdit notes.

  1. As part of my campaign to make MarcEdit work better within group managed systems, I’ve been working on migrating MarcEdit’s installer from a general .exe setup to one using Microsoft’s MSI installer.  This will allow system administrators the ability to use Microsoft’s package management tools to distribute MarcEdit and updates on those systems that don’t allow individual computer users to install software.
  2. Z39.50 Client:  Changes have been made — MarcEdit’s general search mode will now support the ability to query 3 databases simultaneously.  This is a first version of this functionality — so expect it to be revised as we move forward.
  3. Export Tab Delimited Data — This function has been modified to more of a Wizard format.  This should make the program a little easier to use.
  4. MarcEdit OAI Harvester — I’m made some changes to the Harvester to make it a little more fault tolerant when dealing with OAI servers that done function exactly as documented.
  5. Tutorials — I’m in the process of creating 25 video tutorials that will be loaded into You Tube.  These tutorials will be added to the tutorial area.
  6. OCLC Connexion Plug-in — This has been updated and will be posted.
  7. Fixes to the Export Selected MARC Records tool
  8. Having the help just on a Wiki doesn’t seem to be working well — so starting with the next install, I’ll be including a compiled version of the help with the program.  Hopefully, this will give people better access to the documentation.
  9. Will fix a problem from the previous install — under certain conditions, new users were not getting the xslt directory installed in the correct location.  The fix was easy for affected users (copy the xslt directory under program directory/shadow to program directory/xslt) — but this will correct the problem.


All of these changes have been completed.  At this point, I’m doing final Q/A for all changes.  With luck, this will be posted early next week.



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