We must be doing something right

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Thursday, we sat down and met with Kenny’s teacher for a parent/teacher conference.  He’s doing exceptionally well.  He reads, writes, etc. all above grade level — and I understand is quite the orator during their sharing times. 🙂

Anyway, during the meeting, Kenny was asked to pick out a story that he’d written (a short one) and this is the one that he’d picked.


For those that might have a hard time reading phonetically (this is the first year where he’s really started worrying about spelling — but in general for stories, they are told to just write and not worry about spelling), it says [without correction]

Wen i grow up i want to be just like my dad.  I will be just like him.  Giving speches all a round the werld.  Doing stuf on the computer and do wat my dad did to the tv.

A sweet story — and one that reminds me that my two boys are always watching what I’m doing.  Oh, and the stuff that he was talking about with the TV is noted here: http://blog.reeset.net/archives/616


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