Finally — a little sister

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It took 28 years, but I finally got myself a little sister. I took a break this weekend from programming (well, for the most part) to attend my youngest brother’s wedding on the Oregon Coast. I have some pictures — though not as many as I’d like. Since I was the best man, I wasn’t able to get as many personal pictures as I’d like, but I’ll post what I got.

On Friday, we had the rehersal and Marsha, the bride to be, was already crying 🙂

It was actually funny, this is the first opportunity that I’ve had to meet Marsha’s family:

Lots of fun…Anyway, my oldest son, Kenny, was in the wedding party as well. He was the ring barer and did such a great job. Definitely a cutie. Here are a couple of pictures from the rehersal:

The next day, we had the actual wedding. If I think about it later, I’ll post some pictures of the actual wedding — but here are some pictures from afterwards with the wedding party.

These first two pictures of the best man (me) and the maid of honor (Marsha’s sister).
Maid of honor:

Best Man (me) — BTW, Kenny took this picture:

Kenny and Me (you can tell, by this point, Kenny was getting tired. But to be honest, the long face actually had more to do with the having to wait to get his wedding cake):

So how about the bride and groom — well, here are some pictures of the bride and groom and families:

Here is a picture of my family — grandparents & my parents with David and Marsha.

Here is David with his new in-laws.

Here’s a picture of my Mom and Dad. See the smiles — one more out of the house…whooo! Now if they can just get my other brother out of the house, they can actually get the house to themselves. 🙂

Finally, here’s a picture of the entire mob. The one sneeking out of the picture on the right, that would be my other brother.

The wedding was really nice. My mom did a fantastic job setting this up and making it a very special day for the bride, the groom and everyone that attended.