MarcEdit Update

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

I just uploaded a new version of MarcEdit 5.1.  Most of the updates are related to changes in the MarcEditor.  So here’s the list of changes:

  1. MarcEdit Find (specifically when the regular expression option is selected) – Previously, when searches were done, items were located but the window didn’t scroll to the located item.  That’s been corrected.
  2. MarcEdit Replace All (Regular Expressions): One of the changes made during the last update of MarcEdit was to change MarcEdit’s MarcEditor’s replace all function (when using regular expressions) from a single line evaluation to evaluating whole records.  This allows for the ability to perform replacement actions by evaluating multiple fields – but I had neglected to consider how this might break current workflows that relied on the previous functionality.  So, I’ve returned the functionality to evaluating single lines and added a switch to allow users that want to process data across multiple lines.  So for example:
    (=6.*)([^.]$) – this would evaluate field by field (line by line)
    (=6.*)([^.]$)/m – the /m tells marcedit to evaluate multiple lines – so this would run this expression against the entire record.
  3. MarcEdit Replace All (Regular Expressions):  The expression evaluator was too greedy – causing matches to blank records.  This should never happen any longer.
  4. MarcEditor – when openning a blank .mrk file using the Open button – the window would hang.  That’s been corrected.
  5. MarcEditor – when opening a .mrk file by double clicking on it, then opening a new window – closing either window would close both windows.  This has been corrected.
  6. XSLT file updates – I’ve added Creative Commons Zero license headers to the FGDC stylesheets distributed in MarcEdit.
  7. Help File has been updated to cover some of the noted changes.

Couple of notes – I’m currently writing up some new notes on using MarcEdit on Linux.  Mono 2.0+ essentially has added all the functionality necessary to run MarcEdit on Linux.  I’ll be creating a handful of Youtube videos for folks interested in giving this a try.  As for running on a Mac – well, I’ll look at that next. 

You can download the new version of MarcEdit from here: MarcEdit_Setup.msi