OLC MarcEdit Workshop

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

So, last week (May 20th), I had the opportunity to meet with about 56ish folks in Columbus, OH to talk about MarcEdit.  I don’t give MarcEdit workshops very often, though I have always enjoyed doing it when I have.  (The main reason I don’t is the time – I simply don’t have the time to organize them– so the times that I do provide these workshops, it’s really for much larger organizations that can handle all the logistics for me.)  This particular workshop was much more lecture style (so I spent more time talking than any one person really wants to hear), but I thought that it went really well.  There were some good comments and some enhancement requests (which I’m working on) – and, I had a good time in Columbus – even if I did forget to pack clothes (and I’m talking pretty much nothing – had to do some shopping the first night I was there). 

Anyway, this is the first of two public workshops that I’ll be teaching over the next month.  The second will be in the Washington DC, though I know that this session is already full.  The session in DC will be more hands on (less lecture) and I’m really interested to see what kind of feedback about the program comes out of it.

Lastly, slides.  You can get the slides from this workshop here: