Pixar’s new movie – Up!

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What a fantastic movie.  I love Pixar movies because I know that I can take the kids and they will enjoy it and there’s a pretty good chance that I’ll like it too.  However, after last year’s Wall-E (which I loved), I had pretty high expectations going into the theatre this afternoon when my wife and I took the kids and I wasn’t to be disappointed.

Up! is exactly what you’ve come to expect from Pixar (but in Digital 3-d).  First, the story.  Up is a sweet story about an old man keeping a promise to his wife – and along the way, he meets a number of new friends.  Now my wife, she will tell you it’s a tear jerker (she shed many a tear) – as for my boys and they will tell you that it was hilarious.  With my boys, I can always gauge how good a movie is for them by how involved they are.  For this movie, they were laughing, hollering at the screen and having a good time.  I’m not sure my oldest every really sat in his seat (he gets fidgety when he’s engrossed) and my youngest was telling me all the time how bad the villain in the story was.  By the end, they were walking out the movie telling me how much they would like to get it when it comes out on DVD. 

Anyway, I won’t talk at all about the plot, etc. – but if you have kids – especially young kids (mine are 4 and 7) – they will like this movie.  And as a bonus, you will too.