LibraryFind 0.9.2 update

By reeset / On / In LibraryFind

I posted this update Thursday.  It fixes some problems found in 0.9.1.  The main issue with 0.9.1 was that the svn got foobared a little bit and some files needed for install were left out of the package.  Files that were left out and errors that they caused:

1) migrations 031 & 032 – would cause a method not found error of is_private when adding/editing collections

2) QueryAPI note found – the services directory was left out

3) classic_pagination not found – the classic_pagination plugin was left out


The errors were a bit of suprise because all the files were in the svn, but they had become weirdly locked.  I had to run svn cleanup a few times and then switch branches between the dev and trunk to finally get everything synced up.  But, I’ve had outside confirmation that everything is good now.  So if you were trying to install 0.9.1 and had trouble, pick up 0.9.2.  It should solve your problem. 

You can find it at: