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I’d run across these a few weeks ago and thought they were pretty nifty. Essentially, I was looking for something that would allow Oregon State University’s CONTENTdm collections to be harvested by Google. Since CONTENTdm has an OAI interface, and Google’s Scholar supports OAI harvesting, I thought there must be an easy way to get this set up. Fortunately, Google’s Sitemap facility provides a method for this to happen. Using the OAI server as the sitemap — I was able to get Google to quickly harvest and index our CONTENTdm collections.

Information on the Google Sitemaps can be found on the Google Sitemaps Help documentation site.

Some folks have asked (like the comment below) — how this works. Well, I created a small script that replaces the oai.exe process in CONTENTdm, at least for Google’s purposes. The script basically just handles the OAI request. Here’s the simple code:


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  1. I was just trying to submit our OAI feed to google for indexing, but it’s unhappy that the OAI URL: /cgi-bin/oai.exe is a directory lower than the root of the site. Do you know of a way around this?

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