MarcEdit 5.0 Refresh (Dec. 20, 2005)

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

Alrighty, I’ve posted a new build tonight (or this morning, depending of your time-zone). So what’s new…the biggest new option is the inclusion of a lite-weight RSS reader that will read information from the MarcEdit blog. Getting information to new and existing users has been an ongoing problem — but I think that this might help solve this problem. I’m really excited.

Other changes…I fixed the Check URL’s function. The function had a small error in it that has been corrected. I’ve also updated the stylesheet used to generate the HTML when using the Check URLs. Also, I’ve modified the marceditor’s edit subfield function, the move subfield function. This function is a special function that allows you to move subfield data from one field to another. I needed to add a little code to deal with spacing. Finally, the last change that I made was a small update to the MarcEdit.exe program to add the stub code to interact with the RssReader, as well as adding an option entry so that you can turn the Rss Functionality off if you like.

So where do I get the program? As always, the program is available at: MarcEdit50_Setup.exe