Jack-o-lanterns 2009

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As the habit here at my house, the boys and I finally got our jack-o-lanterns finished for this year.  Well, mostly finished.  I still need to make one for work – but I got the important ones finished. 

The boys really look forward to our pumpkin carving nights.  We spend a good deal of time planning and picking out just the right pumpkins.  This year, we picked our pumpkins from a local Pumpkin Patch – a wheelbarrel full.  Kenny picked the biggest, a 45 lb beast of a pumpkin, while Nathan picked 3 white pumpkins.  We had one more at home – so that’s what we were carving tonight.

At the pumpkin patch, they had a lot of the fun stuff.  A corn maze, hay rides, some hay pyramids, etc.  When we were in the corn maze, I tried to convince them that we had to hurry because of the corn zombies – but I don’t think anyone believed me.  They were too cool for that.  Of course, there are some scary corn mazes around our area that I’ve taken people too while in college that reduced many a man to tears (which is funny) – but I doubt the boys are ready for that (or me ready for spending time up because of the nightmares.)

Anyway, our new pumpkins.  We carved 3 from 5 pumpkins.  One is the Jolly Rogers, one Aang, from Avatar the Last Air Bender and 3 to make up our jack-o-lantern pumpkin (this was what Nathan wanted).  So here they are:






 IMG_1575 IMG_1576


This one is Aang, the Last Air Bender


This is the glowing Aang

IMG_1578 IMG_1580





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