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Thanks for the feedback everyone. I spent some time this week try to see how many of the requests I could accommodate. So, I posted a new update which includes the following changes:

Bug Fixes:

1) MarcValidator bug has been squashed – this bug would cause items validated from within the MarcEditor to be incomplete (some records would be skipped).

2) Delimited Text Translator – when translating from Excel, if the first cell in the last column is empty, the column won’t show up in the field definition window. This has been corrected.

3) Field Count – when generating the report on an invalid formatted file and an exception is thrown, it wouldn’t be trapped correctly. That shouldn’t be the case any longer.

4) Installer updated – there has been a hard to locate issue that would occasion lock files when updating MarcEdit. Generally, this problem bit people who had installed a previous, non-MSI installer based version of MarcEdit. I believe that I’ve correct (or made pretty much suppressed) the conditions in which this error would occur. Essentially, I’ve re-written the bootloader that the installer uses and moved all helper code into an MSI code library. Since this is the official recommended method for injecting processes into an install using the MSI engine – I think that this should help matters. However, I’ve never been able to recreate the install problems – so when you try this update – if you get an error – you can correct the problem by:

1. Uninstalling MarcEdit

2. Removing all files (not folders) from the MarcEdit program directory (generally c:\program files\marcedit 5.0)

3. Reinstalling MarcEdit

4. And then let me know what error you get so that I can continue to work on isolating the rare install issues when they occur.


1) MarcValidator has been updated to check for dangling or incomplete subfields. This means that a field like this:
=500 \\$$aTest or =500 \\$aTest$ will be flagged as an error.

2) MarcValidator has been updated to check for invalid punctuation/spacing at the beginning of subfields. This means that a field like:
=500 \\.$aTest will be flagged.

3) MarcValidator has been updated to add an option to note if a field is obsolete. You can turn this on by adding: obsolete to the field block codes. Please see the help file for an example, or the master rules file in the MarcEdit program directory.

4) MarcValidator has been updated to allow fields to be paired. For example, you can pair a 490 with an 830 – and if one is note present, have the validator generate a warning.

5) Updated the help file to include full specs on the MarcValidator rules file formatting options.

6) Find All has been updated so that if in preview – will automatically switch to paging mode. The Find All function was designed to work in Paging Mode. If you are in Preview mode and using the Find All – it will load the correct snippets but the window isn’t editable. When using Find All, the program automatically turns preview mode off for the duration of the editing session.

7) Delimited Text Translator has been updated to support Excel XML and Access XML (2007) formats (.xlsx & aacdb formats). You must have either MS Excel 2007 or MS Access 2007 (or the runtimes) installed.

8) MARC Spy – When you open MARC Spy, the program automatically prompts you to open the file for examination.

9) And in case you missed it – in the last update, I added an option to search all record data in the Extract/Delete Selected records utility. This option should allow folks to do much more robust queries against record files.

You can pick up the update from:

· MSI Installer: MarcEdit_Setup.msi

· Zip file:

As always, if you run into problems, let me know.


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  1. Yes — will run fine on 32 or 64 bit flavors. You need admin rights to install — but once installed, you should run as a normal user.