MarcEdit 5.2 Updates

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

First, a big thank you to folks that sent me feedback on the new Task Automation tool. I’ve taken that feedback and put together an update to address some of the usability questions. Changes made for this update:

  1. Ability to clone existing tasks
  2. Ability to rename tasks
  3. Ability to reorder tasks
  4. Ability to Edit Task steps
  5. Bug Fix: Regular Expressions in tasks were being escaped and not processing correctly. This has been fixed.
  6. MarcEditor – Tools Menu. New option added as a child to assigned Tasks – this allows users not only see tasks with associated shortcuts – but also see and run any defined task.
  7. Export Settings – a new little function found on the main window, under file – that allows users to export their user settings. This will package items together for re-import into MarcEdit. This function is useful when users wish to share configuration files, tasks, macros, etc. between machines.
  8. Import Settings – imports a settings package back into MarcEdit. When you import settings – these overwrite your existing configuration settings. So, if you import tasks, macros, XSLT functions – these will replace any locally defined functions.
  9. There were a handful of UI changes primarily to the task window.

I’ve added a couple of additional tutorials to YouTube to address the changes mentioned in this update. Links to these:

  1. MarcEdit Task Automation Maintenance:
  2. MarcEdit: Exporting local Settings to another computer:
  3. MarcEdit: Importing settings to your local computer:

As always, updates can be found at: