Working with subsets of data in MarcEdit

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

I’ve finally gotten around to re-introducing a function that had been in the 4.x version of MarcEdit into the 5.x series.  The function re-introduced is the ability to edit subsets of records and then save the data back into the data file where the subset resides.  For example, say have a large set of records, but your really just want to work with just the records that have specific characteristics.  In the past, if you wanted to do this in MarcEdit, you’d have to extract the data, then delete those records from the file because MarcEdit wouldn’t allow you to save the subset data back into the original source file.  Well, as of Dec. 6th, that changes.  Now, if you have a file and you want to edit a subset – you can use the following procedure:

  1. Open your data in the MarcEditor
  2. Select File/Select Individual Records to Make
  3. In the Dialog – Import the records, search for the elements to change, and then extract the records.
  4. Change those files in the MarcEditor
  5. To save the data back to the original source file, simply save the records.  To save the data to a separate file, select Save As.

And that’s it.  I’ve posted a video explanation of this new behavior on YouTube.  You can find it at:

Extract and Edit subsets of records

As noted above, this change will be live as of the Dec. 6th MarcEdit update.