cmarcedit changes coming

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

I’m not sure many people realize it, but there is a completely command-line driven version of MarcEdit.  This version provides an easy to use command-line tool that can be used with other cmd tools to pipe data or processes together. 

One of the fundamental changes between the cmarcedit and marcedit GUI applications is that any error encountered when using the cmarcedit tool is a stop condition.  However, in order to make the cmarcedit tool a functional replacement for the older MARCBreakr tool (created by LC), I’ve added a new switch, –pd.  This switch will change the program so that errors are not stop conditions, but rather, are logged as errors but still outputted.  For example, a record that includes Malformed record data (records that cannot be processed through the loose record algorithm):

c:\net_marcedit\C#\MProgram\MarcEdit\bin\Debug>cmarcedit.exe -s f:\orig.mrc -d f:\orig_rev.mrk -break -pd

Beginning Process…
Malformed Format….14
Malformed Format….25
Malformed Format….42
Malformed Format….57
Malformed Format….66

72 records have been processed in 0.790045

Records processed using the loose breaking algorithm will provide the following output (again, something that use to be a stop condition):

Beginning Process…
Structure error, loose breaking function used…Record: 1

1 records have been processed in 0.707040 seconds.

This is one of many changes that will happen by the next update.