MarcEdit and RSS Part 2

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

Ok, so MarcEdit includes an RSS reader…great.  So what do folks want to see me do with it.  I’ve been starting to work on a feed reader that would allow users to place feeds from journals into a scheduler so one could generate MARC records for new article titles as they are posted. 

I’ve also considered making an export available so you could generate MARC records that are then wrapped in RSS — but I’m not really sure which direction I want to go…so I thought I’d ask for feedback.  Just drop me a note at: terry.reese at oregonstate dot edu

 Also, I’ll let folks know that I’ve been working on the help docs this holiday and will be posting an update on Tuesday that includes quite a bit of revision to the help documents.   I’ll also be posting these docs online and making a link for folks wanting to view them there.  For folks interested, the help docs are completely XML based and use I guess what is known as AJAX to do inline rendering of documents.  Its kindof cool — but limits users to new generation browsers — which I don’t think is a big deal.