MarcEdit Update

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

Update was posted Feb. 7th.  Here’s what’s being worked on:

  1. MarcEditor changes, specifically:
    1. When saving .mrk files, the change in the Edit control from the textbox to a custom control shifted the newline character from the system default (on windows \r\n) to simply using a carriage return (\r).  This will be corrected so that it returns back to the system default constant.
    2. Swap Field update – indicator wildcard correction when changing indicators from a wildcard to specified indicator.
  2. Extract Selected Records
    1. An option to delete selected records after extract has been added.
  3. URL Checker
    1. Updated to make it more fault tolerant when working with resources that require cookie sessioning.
    2. Ability to cancel a verification process
  4. Merge Records Changes:
    1. Bug corrections
    2. Adding a new option so that you can save the merged data to a new file
  5. Help file updates
  6. Plug-in code updates
    1. Better fall over when the plug-in changes and needs to be updated.
  7. CDS-ISIS Translation – Updated the advanced translation options to fix the indicator fix.

You can find the download links at: or if you have auto updates turned on, you will be prompted for update.