MarcEdit 5.0 Revision

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

Alright, I just uploaded a new version of MarcEdit 5.0 that includes a bug fix, an enhancement and some new functionality in the setup program (that I’ve tested, but will be interested in hearing if anyone has problems with the new functions).

Here are the changes:

  1. Bug Fix:  Preview pane had a bug relating to the window remaining locked, even when the preview mode was turned off in the options.  Also, when opening a file smaller than the preview buffer, the program should by default, automatically fall out of preview mode.  This wasn’t happening as well.  Note, as long as you didn’t turn the preview mode off, the program worked fine.  Anyway, both of these issues have been correct.
  2. Enhancement:  RSS Reader update…When I originally placed the reader in the program, the reader simply looked to see if new items were present, but if there were, it didn’t display just the new feeds — rather — it would display the last 10 feeds.  This seemed a little counter-intuitive to me, so I’ve modified the RSS Reader so that just the new posted (as noted by PubDate) are displayed within the RSS reader. 
  3. Setup Program — Additional Functionality.  Ok, you can tell that we are getting closer to having all the bells and whistles added to 5.0 (and closer to losing the beta moniker), because I’ve added a bootloader to the setup program that allows me to now protect the config files on update.  In general, I don’t mind the general config file being overwritten on upgrade.  But what has been annoying me to no end has been the setup program overwriting my XML Function list since I use a number of custom conversions that I don’t make available with MarcEdit because of their very specific nature.  However, each time I upgrade MarcEdit 5.0, I loose these settings which is annoying.  This shouldn’t occur any longer.  I’ve tested this function on my four separate machines, so I’m pretty sure this will work…however, if you run into a problem on update (and the main problem would be the inablility to run the XML Functions in the MARC Tools window), let me know and I’ll correct this quickly.  I’ll be doing a little more testing tomorrow, but I wanted to push out the bug fix since I’ve had a couple of people run into this limitation.

This week’s ToDo list:

  1. Help file…My goal is to have all MarcEdit help file entries completed by the second Monday in Jan.  This won’t complete the documentation — but will complete the MarcEdit documentation (which includes the MARC Tools, MarcEditor, etc). 
  2. Script Wizard…I’ve completed the COM object and am now testing each function.  I’m thinking that this will start showing up in the install soon (I’d like to finish the programmers docs first) — however, to make this work well, I think I need to port the old Script wizard to support the new functionality.  Also, I’m thinking I could make the Script Wizard overridable, this way I could use it to aid in macro development as well.  (BTW, I had to do some editing on a file today and I wrote a Macro in the editor…very cool.   I’m glad its there…though I realize that I need to add a break mechanism to the macro runtime — this way you can abort the macro process if you get it stuck in a loop without killing the application.

As always, the program is available for download at: MarcEdit50_Setup.exe.