MarcEdit 5.0 Update

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

Alright, I’ve been doing a little bit of interface work on the 5.0 MarcEditor to make editing 006/008 fields easier for users.  So, I’ve made the following changes:

  1. 006/008 Editing Windows.  These are found under the Edit menu in the MarcEditor.  It will edit an existing field or generate a new field.   A couple of notes — this isn’t a batch utility tool.  This is for editing individual records.  Because of this, this function is really only useful if being used on a record set between 0-3 MB.  Larger than that, and you will likely see a noticeable flicker if the program has to turn off the WordWrapping option (required to use this option) running the program.
  2. Generate Control numbers:  The program can now be setup to generate a control number each time  a new record is generated.
  3. New option — you can set an option in the MarcEditor so that new records are appended to the current file — rather than opening a new file.
  4. Metadata Harvester update — I found that when dealing with CONTENTdm servers, something about the resumption token wasn’t working with the server.  I’ve corrected the code so that it does a better job handling varieties in server supplied metadata.
  5. Metadata Harvester Update — You can now translated directly to MARC-8 from the harvester (rather than just to UTF8)
  6. I made a small change to the install file to see if I can do a better job finding the version of the MDAC installed on one’s computer.  The program essentially is looking at a registry key — however, the thing that is a pain is that Microsoft doesn’t make it easy to find the version number of this component.  In fact, there own tools cannot definitively tell you what version you have — it only compares multiple file points to come up with a best guess.  One note however, since the program is reading two registry keys (to discover the .NET Framework version number and the MDAC version number) — you need to make sure that you have permission to read registry keys.  What I’m thinking of doing in the future is basically check the user permissions, and if they cannot read the registry, simply adding a message letting folks know what the requirements are and then allowing installation anyway (rather than simply failing during the install process — which happens now).
  7. XSLT file edits.  I’ve edited the primary MARCMnemonic xslt (which is used in every translation into MARC) to remove the prepending and trailing spaces from a field since there isn’t really cases where this should be present, and they tend to cause issues when translating into MARC.  Also, I’ve modified the OAIDCtoMARCXML xslt.

As always, the program is available for download at: MarcEdit50_Setup.exe