MarcEdit 5.5 Update

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

I’ve posted the MarcEdit 5.5 update.  This is a major update in that it updates the program from .NET 3 to .NET 4.  Here’s the full list of changes:


Changes for this version:

1) Bug fix to the OCLC Classify service (when a local OCLC number is present, depending on the prefix, it can cause problems)

2) OCLC Classify (Enhancement) – I’m pulling this out as a stand-alone tool so you don’t have to run it directly from the MarcEditor.

3) MARCEngine

a. Update: Added error code when fields are too long. (still working on a marc agnostic method for splitting fields. Easy to do in MARC21 – more difficult when MARC21 is taken out of the picture due to other national rules)

4) Plugins:

a. Updates: Rebuilt to support new 32/64 bit architecture

5) Small updates to the Updater (no longer a message box when update is necessary – but move to a scrollable dialog that can hold more content)

6) Architectural updates that:

a. Better 32/64 bit support

b. Switch to the .NET 4 Framework Client Profile (this is an optimized subset of the full .NET 4 Framework)

c. Installer updates slimming the present installer from 20 MB to about 12.5 MB (thanks largely to the Framework change and Yaz changes)

7) Additional Preference option for Automated Updates

a. Users will be able to store administrative credentials in MarcEdit to allow non-Admin users to use the automated updating tool.  I’d sent a note earlier about this change – admin credentials will be encrypted using a 128bit private key, and then salted for security.   YOU must be a part of a DOMAIN for this to work.

8) Delimiter Text Translator:

a. Update: Added code that allows for multiple joining of like fields

b. Bug-fix: When working with files smaller than 8000 bites, there is a read error where some data gets dropped. This is corrected in this version

c. Update: Command Line Options added

9) Task Automation Addition

a. Update: ability to add Copy Field to task automation

10) Copy Field Function Enhancement

a. Added Find options to choose fields for copy.

11) Script Wizard

a. Update: Added In-String matching for deleted fields

b. Update: Added Conditional matching for deleted fields

c. Update: Added ability to modify control data via the script wizard

12) Extract Selected Records:

a. Added a checkbox to make Regular Expressions easier to utilize

13) MarcEditor Compiler updates

a. Added ability to do character conversions from the MarcEditor on save

14) Jump To…

a. Enhancement: Made it so you can jump to records not on the current page

b. Enhancement: Added a jump to page function

15) Yaz updates

a. Enhancement: I’ve updated MarcEdit to use Yaz 4+ by default.

b. Enhancement: yaz build is directly from the source – allowing me to reduce the file size by turning off a number of options that are simply not used in MarcEdit.