MarcEdit 5.6’s XSLT Registry

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

MarcEdit’s XML Functions tool gives users the ability to create and register new XSLT functions with the MarcEdit Application.  However, one of the questions that occasionally comes up is how do I share or find new XSLT’s that may work with MarcEdit.  When a user installs MarcEdit, I provide as part of the installation package a set of XSLT’s for users doing common XSLT translations to and from MARC.  However, I write many more that I don’t share and am occasionally sent XSLT’s from users interested in making their crosswalks available to a larger audience.  So, I’ve added to MarcEdit the first phase of an XSLT registry.  This first part of this update will allow users to search and download XSLT’s that I have an added to the registry.  The next enhancement related to this feature will allow users to contribute their own XSLT’s to the application.

So how does it work – well, it’s pretty simple.   I’ve uploaded a YouTube video here:

XSLT Crosswalk Repository

Hopefully this will answer questions – however, if not, feel free to post them here.