MarcEdit 5.6: MarcEdit Intellisense

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In MarcEdit 5.6, I’ve added support for a number of new mnemonic values.  This means that MarcEdit now supports a really long list of mnemonic values.  To make it easier for people using mnemonics – I’ve added an intellisense to the MarcEdit application.  When a user types { the application will automatically pop-up the list of available mnemonics.  As you type, the program will autocomplete your mnemonic value. 

This is an optional function – and if you work primarily with UTF8 data, you may want to turn it off because at this point, MarcEdit will always suggest a mnemonic code when the { is used (even though you shouldn’t add mnemonics to UTF8 encoded files).  The reason is that internally, MarcEdit treats all data as UTF8 so it’s not a simply process of determining when a user is only in UTF8 mode and when they are solely working with MARC-8 data.  If the mnemonic box pops up and you want to ignore it, just press escape. 

For information about this new feature, see: