MarcEdit 5.0 MARC=>MARCXML bug

I’ve confirmed a bug in the MarcEngine that translates MARC data to MARCXML. The issue occurs when a subfield code is incorrectly added to the end of a field. I’ve corrected this issue and reposted the build to: –Terry

OSU’s OpenURL resolver on Google

Well, OSU has finally been able to get their openurl resolver added to Google’s Scholar. (click on the image for full size) Its been a long time coming — we originally tried working with Google on their pilot project before they had made the service more public…but we use Innovate Interface’s Webbridge and there had… Read more

MarcEdit 5.0 Beta Refresh (July 25, 2005)

Ahhhhh…..I’d introduced a bug in the last build that primarily affected European diacritics when moving between MARC-8 to UTF-8. The issue at hand was how to deal with dangling or incorrectly coded diacritics. In coding a solution, I accidently removed some code that moved combining diacritics. In MARC-8, diacritic placement for most European diacritics should… Read more

Bye, bye daddy

What a kick. Its been a long time since my oldest son (4) started to learn how to talk. Kenny, my oldest, was an early talker — which we figured meant that he had a lot of different stuff say. Well, Nathan (10 months) has finally taken an interest in trying to express himself. He’s… Read more

Digital Production on Demand

Oregon State University has recently started what I’m hoping will be a very successful program — a Digitization on Demand service. The idea is to allow subject selects to select important materials in our collection for digitization and then we will make them available via a collection in our IR. Right now we are still… Read more

Lots of climbing

Well, after feeling utterly embarrassed by my weak climb up Mary’s Peak, I’ve decided to start a little training program to get myself into climbing shape. While I don’t have anything as steep as Mary’s Peak to train on regularly, I did find what would be a “mini” Mary’s Peak on SoapBox road — which… Read more