Crater Lake Trip

What a blast! I’ll post pictures sometime later but I just got back from a camping trip where me, Kyle Banerjee, Joe Toth (our wanderer from Vermont), Bryan Miyagishima and Betty (I forget her last name right now) rode our bikes from Diamond Lake to Crater Lake, around the rim and back. Its actually quite… Read more

Z39.50 Client Refreshed

I’ve refreshed the Z39.50 client in the 5.0 beta. Much of the credit to this goes to Larry Dixon of the Library of Congress for testing and providing suggestions. The revisions are fairly significant and include corrections or additions to: 1) Batch search — when doing a query, one would get a blank file. Oops,… Read more

Playing with AJAX (continued)

I’ve posted the XML/XSLT CONTENTdm example files at: CONTENTdm XML/XSLT Example The AJAX examples are found in the compound object code and the image code. The idea here is that I didn’t want to reload pages over and over again — hence I wanted to just pull small snippets of data and replace them when… Read more

Playing with AJAX

I’m not sure I really like this term — but I’ve been doing some design work to play around with this “AJAX” concept. At OSU, we use a product called CONTENTdm as our image repository — however, the software was just recently upgraded an the new api has caused a need to update our interfaces.… Read more

MarcEdit Z39.50 client

The Z39.50 client is finished (at least the Z39.50 part). I’m doing some final testing and will update the beta install by Monday. Once uploaded, I’ll start finishing up the SRU interface and then start finishing a little house cleaning so I can move MarcEdit 5 out of beta. –Terry

Weekend at the beach

We spent the weekend with my wife’s family at Cape Mears — near Tillamook, OR. It was a pretty good time. The house was on a lake which was about a 1/4 mile from the ocean so we spent quite a bit of time playing in the water. Nathan is a little water boy. He… Read more

A forgetful day

Today was a bit embarassing…my mind wondered a bit today and I ended up forgetting to bring quite a few items today. The first was my bike helmet. For those that don’t know, I bike about 25 miles each morning and evening between Independence, OR and Corvallis, OR most days. On others, I ride to… Read more

College Libraries of tomorrow

I was pleasantly surprised to see an article on ZDNET talking about digital library development being done in libraries in the pre and post Google eras. I’m always interested to see how folks outside the library profession view our digital library efforts. URL: