Crater Lake Trip

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What a blast! I’ll post pictures sometime later but I just got back from a camping trip where me, Kyle Banerjee, Joe Toth (our wanderer from Vermont), Bryan Miyagishima and Betty (I forget her last name right now) rode our bikes from Diamond Lake to Crater Lake, around the rim and back. Its actually quite a bit of heigher altitude climbing (for example, you go from 5100 to 7000 ft over the first 14 miles — with a total 6000 net elevation gain), but its not a terribly long ride (68 miles by the odometers — but we’ll say 70 because somehow it just sounds longer :)) Anyway, as always, Kyle impressed me with his feather weight bike — though the person that really impressed me was Bryan. He rode the whole way on a recumbent — and really grinded up the hills. It took him a little longer but I’m positive he worked harder than any one else in the group. Great time though — hopefully we can make this an annual trip.


Z39.50 Client Refreshed

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I’ve refreshed the Z39.50 client in the 5.0 beta. Much of the credit to this goes to Larry Dixon of the Library of Congress for testing and providing suggestions. The revisions are fairly significant and include corrections or additions to:
1) Batch search — when doing a query, one would get a blank file. Oops, my bad. I have an internal limiter that limits the number of records returned and I forgot to set it.
2) Removed ISBN/ISSN normalization. I was told that some servers allow hypen others do not — so I’m leaving this up to the user to know which it might be for their particular database.
3) Corrected an error in the Title/Author batch search that was causing it to fail.
4) Added a status and results label to the Single Search mode so you can tell how many results were recieved and how many were downloaded.
5) Added a get next feature in the Single Search. This way, you can query beyond the limit set in the software. However, there is a 1000 record hard limit per query.
6) Updates to the database table wasn’t propogating through the application. This should be corrected now.
7) Structure @attr 4 is now being setup correctly. I’d made a small error that had cause some structures to fail when included in a query.
8) Added the ability to change download file and append options from the Download record area.
9) Added code to determine of the format of the record retrieved is MARC or not. If MARC, its processed by the MARCEngine — if not MARC, it is displayed differently.
10) Syntax setting in the properties window is now editable. This way, you can enter different flavors of MARC (ukmarc, finmarc, chinmarc, etc).

I’m making this refresh available as both just a component update and a full install update. If you just need to update the Z39.50 client, you can download the following: and just copy the contents of the zip file to the c:\program files\marcedit 5.0\ directory. This will overwrite the current mebatch executable and allow you to try the latest and greatest.

Or, if you need to refresh your beta install, you should first uninstall any previous version of the beta and then download the updated installer from: MarcEdit50_Setup.exe. This also includes the latest and greatest z39.50 client.


MarcEdit 5.0 Beta Update (8/24/05)

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Ok — I’ve posted a new beta refresh. This version includes a version of the Z39.50 client. I should have the SRU code included this week (I hope) — but folks that are interested can start trying the Z39.50 client now. Its a bit different than before — hopefully better. I’ve made some accommedations for the Library of Congress (MarcEdit now maintains a single stated connection rather than opening a thread pool and hammering whatever server it queries in batch mode) and have included a configuration to allow the connection to pause 6 seconds between queries in batch mode (another LC accommedation). This can be turned off, but if you query LC, be warned that they will be enforcing this query limit so you could potentially find your ip blocked if you hit them without this pause activated.

Other changes:
1) Helpfile revisions
2) command line parameters added
3) 5.0 will now assume control of the .mrc, .mrk and .mrk8 extensions.
4) new installer — I’d like to get away from the Microsoft installer, so I’ve gone with the NullSoft installer. I love that its scriptable.
5) few fixes from the previous build and better error checking.
6) Extract Selected Records/Delete Selected Records — I’ve added the Regular expression support (example: “[tT]he”) and added support for file importing. File importing works as the following:
a) Enter full file path in the Find Text Box
b) Select Find
c) The program will read the file and take the first line to determine what field should be searched and then will utilize the rest of the file to see what items should be checked. An example of a file querying specified 001s


This isn’t in the help file right now — but it will be soon.
I’m in the home stretch. After I finish the SRU client in the Z39.50 client I should be ready to take the program out of beta. I basically have a handful of things left on my checklist to finish and then I’ll be done. Yah.

The update can be downloaded from: MarcEdit Download Page

ILL ASAP 2.5 Program and Source

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I’ve uploaded the C# version of ILL ASAP 2.5. You can download just the setup or the source. The program works with all ILS systems, but will only pull holdings data from SIRSI and III ILS systems (these were the two systems that I had testers). If users of other ILS systems would like to have their systems included, just let me know and I’ll see if I can get it working. The files can be downloaded from the ILL ASAP website

Playing with AJAX

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I’m not sure I really like this term — but I’ve been doing some design work to play around with this “AJAX” concept. At OSU, we use a product called CONTENTdm as our image repository — however, the software was just recently upgraded an the new api has caused a need to update our interfaces. Thankfully, DiMeMa (the makers of CONTENTdm) have moved to a PHP-based interface — but I’m still alittle concerned that the canned interfaces are still a little to tied to the data. So, I’ve been taking their PHP api and putting an XML interface on top of it. So now, the sight is completely XML/XSLT rendered — and I’m using some AJAX techniques (like working with the XMLHTTPREQUEST object) — to pull snippet of data onto pages. I’m not sure if this is the direction I’ll end of going in the end, but I think that I’m learning enough in the process that it will be worthwhile — no matter where is initial development leads.

MarcEdit Z39.50 client

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The Z39.50 client is finished (at least the Z39.50 part). I’m doing some final testing and will update the beta install by Monday. Once uploaded, I’ll start finishing up the SRU interface and then start finishing a little house cleaning so I can move MarcEdit 5 out of beta.


Weekend at the beach

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We spent the weekend with my wife’s family at Cape Mears — near Tillamook, OR. It was a pretty good time. The house was on a lake which was about a 1/4 mile from the ocean so we spent quite a bit of time playing in the water. Nathan is a little water boy. He spent the first day keeping everyone busy — as my little escape artist kept making a break for the water over and over again. I ended up taking him into the ocean with me and he came out a happy camper — but cold. He ended up wearing my shirt home

It was a great time — the last day, Nathan got me up at 7 AM so I took the kids that were awake to the beach to look at the tide pools. After we got back to the house, the kids that missed it in the morning wanted a chance to go, so I took a second group out. The second trip was a bit much for Nathan — just a little too tuckered out.

Finally, now that we are home, Nathan has been up to his old trips, hiding under the furnature and playing with his trucks. 🙂

A forgetful day

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Today was a bit embarassing…my mind wondered a bit today and I ended up forgetting to bring quite a few items today. The first was my bike helmet. For those that don’t know, I bike about 25 miles each morning and evening between Independence, OR and Corvallis, OR most days. On others, I ride to Adair Village (about 15 miles) and catch a ride with a friend to work. My trip takes me down hwy 99 — a surprisingly pleasant piece of road that has the widest shoulders. Anyway, my bike helmet is just a part of my attire. I figure I wear it close to 2 to 3 hours each day (2 hours on the bike and maybe an hour rollerblading with my son), so its something I no longer notice. Well, I got about 4 miles out on the hwy today when I noticed an ich on my head. I reached up to grab the front of my helmet and to my surprise, no helmet. Apparently, I forgot it in my rush out the door. Now, I’m a firm believer in helmets every since this past April. In April, I was riding in the rain, didn’t see a storm drain and got tossed off my bike into the road going about 22 mph right on my head. It shattered my helmet, tore up my hands and left my face a little brused and sore — but otherwise, no injuries. Since then, I make sure I always have my helmet, so forgetting was a pretty big deal.

Anyway, I made it to work, went through the day and decided to get ready to leave. Today was one of those days that I commuted in with a friend — so I changed into my bike clothes and rode out to their house so I could ride the rest of the way home. When I got to their house, I realized that I’d forgotten to change out of my sandals and into my cleats. So I ended up having to call my wife and have her pick me up so I could get my bike, drive back to work and get my cleats (so I could ride tomorrow morning) and then go home. Well, it was late before we headed home, so we stopped at McGraths fish house to have dinner. The food was pretty good but when Kenny told them that he’d had his birthday recently, they surprised him with the birthday fish hat. Here’s a picture:

It was pretty funny — Kenny didn’t know what to think about the whole experience — though he did like the vanilla ice cream that they brought out as well. 🙂