What are they thinking!?

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This is definitely going to be one of those venting type of posts. I was enjoying myself — riding my bike in this morning in the cold morning air and between Independence and Corvallis — I was having a great morning. Then, I got to a 3/4 mile stretch right after the Luckiamute River bridge, near a farm/development and I ran into nail central. Now, I’m not saying that the farm/development has anything to do with the number of nails I’ve seen on the road there this summer — but that 3/4 mile stretch of road has consistantly been the one area where I could always count on finding roofing nails, wood screws, etc. all over the shoulder of the road. And this morning — in the pitch dark — I didn’t see the nails and one finally got me. For those that haven’t done it — let me tell you that changing tires in the dark — in the morning — definitely stinks. Thank goodness it wasn’t raining or snowing — then I could have gone for the trifecta (cold, dark and cold/wet)…but I’m sure I’ll get that sometime this winter. 🙂


MarcEdit 5.0 refresh

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A quick refresh that corrected a few small problems that had been reported with the Deduplication utility in the MarcEditor, a small issue in the Z39.50 Client and the batch utility. Unfortunately, I’ve been a little busy working on a few other things — but I think I’ll be able to start pushing through the few remaining issues now that I’m pretty much finished. Oh, and I haven’t decided yet — but I had to create a simple METS generator for a project that we are working on — if I can figure out how to work it into MarcEdit, I’ll include it. Basically, it lets you generate some metadata and then creates a METS binder for a document (we’ve been scanning books and needed a way to tie the full res pages together outside of the Dspace access PDF).

Per usual, the updated setup is at: MarcEdit50_Setup.exe.


Coos to UK — 100 K ride

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I’ve been looking for a nice way to finish my summer riding schedule and this year, I was able to do some riding in my old stomping grounds and help out a good cause all at the same time. The Coos Bay, OR police Dept. were raising monies to travel to the UK and one of the activities planned was a 20, 50 and 100k ride around the Coos Bay inlet and up the Allegany river. This isn’t a hilly course, but it can be challenging with the wind and a few step climbers in the middle 20 miles. Anyway, great ride, though I was a little dissappointed with the turnout. As far as I can tell, only three of the riders, myself, one Coos Bay officer and a member of the Coos Bay bike club completed the 100 k — but it just left more room on the road for me. 🙂 By my best guess, the ride took about 3 hours and 30 minutes or so (9:15 am start time to 12:50ish finish) — alittle longer than I had hoped to finish, but a nice pace all the less. However, the officers really know how to put on a ride. We got a six car escort out of Coos Bay, closing three lanes on hwy 101 for a short period while our small group made their way to the Allegany exit. What fun. Definitely a ride I’ll do next year and hopefully next year I can finish in around 3 hours.

MarcEdit 5.0 refreshed

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This is just a quickly. I wanted to post an update that included some fixes to the MARCValidator and some changes to the Z39.50 client. The primary change is the ability to download multiple items from the single search mode window. Do a search, select the rows you want to extract and then right click on the list. You will see two options — Display records (so you can see them all) and download records (for direct extraction). Update is at: MarcEdit50_Setup.exe


Nathan’s First Birthday

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Well, it was one year ago today — Oregon State’s football team was being whipped by Boise State and my youngest son Nathan was being born. He was born at 5:34 am, Sept. 11, 2004 — so today — we celebrated OSU avenging last year’s lost to Boise State yesterday (I’m teaching Nathan and Kenny early to love the Beavers) — and celebrated his first birthday. I can’t believe that its been a year already — the time seems to have just slipped by. I can remember him being born and bringing him back from the hospital… Anyway, we had a very quiet birthday party (much different that Kenny’s this year) — but it was nice. Just the four of us, and Nathan’s first cake. Looking at these pictures sums up how much different Nathan is than Kenny. When Kenny had his first birthday, he touched the frosting and was finished — no messy face — nothing. Kenny really didn’t like sugar up until this last year or so. Nathan on the other hand has a big sweet tooth and as you can see below — jumped right into his first cake experience. Its actually funny, looking at these pictures got me thinking about Kenny at 12 months. In some things, Kenny’s way ahead of Nathan and in others, not. For example, Kenny started walking at 10 months. Nathan on the other hand could walk if he felt like it — but at this point, he’s content to take just a few steps and crawl. On the other, Kenny didn’t start using a sippy cup until about 14 months — Nathan’s been using his since about 10 1/2, 11 months. Its just neat to think about their differences and likenesses — and looking at their pictures — you can definitely tell that they are brothers — but Nathan is a bit taller and a bit thinner at this point than Kenny was. Anyway, I wanted to share a few pictures from Nathan’s big day.

Nathan’s Birthday clothes — we took him in for a set of one year old pictures. They are just darling — I’ll post some when we get them back in a week or so.

Next are cake pictures:

This was Nathan openning his present:


Oregon Vineyard Country

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I sometimes forget how pretty the Willamette Valley is — and then I get on my bike and Oregon just opens up. This is one of my favorite times of the year — early fall/late summer when there is still daylight in the morning and the afternoons still hit 70, 80 degrees but the mornings have just a little bit of a bite. Since its the labor day holiday, I thought it would be fun to go for a short bike ride — but where? Generally, I like to ride south towards Corvallis, hitting Kings Valley, Bueno Vista, South Salem, Albany etc…but occasionally I’ll ride north but generally north west towards Dallas, OR. Today, I decided to ride up 99 and head to McMinnville — totol 62 miles for the day, but it was just great. Left at 7:10 am and cruised through a bunch of little small towns and passed about 10 vineyards — some with grapes sitting right by the road. I kindof wished someone would have been selling them on the side of the road — I’d skipped breakfast and they looked good (and I’m sure, sweet).

Anyway, it was such a pretty ride — hwy 99 always surprises me — and I enjoyed taking a few detours on the road to explore some of the small communities on the way back. The ride itself was nice too. In the Valley, there really aren’t any hills…just a lot of slow rollers just to keep the blood moving…and the distance was about right for an early morning stretch of the legs. Took about 3 hours to cover the 62 miles keeping a steady pace…All and all, a great Labor Day ride.


New baby on the way….

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Well, we are expecting a new baby…a puppy 🙂 (ha, ha). We are getting a new Yellow Lab. from a breeder in Aumsville, OR. The momma dog is expecting the last week of Sept., first week of Oct. so we will get to pick out the puppy at 5 weeks and take her home at 7 or 8 weeks. Kenny and Alyce are very excited — in fact, Kenny has already picked out a name…Lady. And Nathan, he just loves puppies in general so I think he’s going to enjoy it as well. I’ll post pictures of the puppies as soon as they are born and our puppy as soon as she has been picked out. Here’s a picture from the momma dogs last litter about a year ago.


MarcEdit 5.0 (beta) refreshed

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I’ve refreshed the MarcEdit 5.0 (beta) update. This corrects the few remaining issues in the Z39.50 client, adds a list of Z39.50 clients to choose from (see note below on this change), hardens the MARCengine a bit more, completes the UTF-8=>MARC8 conversion in respect to superscript characters and adds few pieces of functionality to the MarcEditor. See the list below for things yet todo before the program comes out of beta. The updated URL is: MarcEdit50_Setup.exe. Also, in regards to the setup — as with all the beta builds, I recommend uninstalling the previous versions of the beta and re-installing, however, I’ve been testing the installer more this week, and am definitely sold on the NullSoft Installer over the Win Installer — its just more straightforward to use I think.

Z39.50 Client

1) Batch Search — ISSN/ISBN correction. In the last update, I’d broken this when I stopped normalizing the data. Its been fixed now.

2) Keyword search updated: In the previous versions, I justed attribute 1035 for keyword searching since I wanted something that did an all encompassing search. However, this isn’t supported by many servers, so I changed it to the more traditional 1016 attribute.

3) About box: Wanted to give credit where it was due. This component makes use of two open source projects to handle the Z39.50 searching — for which, I’m very thankful.

4) Z39.50 Target List: I’ve included the target list from the previous MarcEdit Z39.50 client. However, the structure of the program has changed a bit. In the last version of MarcEdit, the application used a single Z39.50 client target list. This meant that if you added resources to the list, they would be lost on update. To fix this, the new client has two lists. The first is the master list that includes all targets…the second is a local list that includes just the targets that you’ve added or imported from the master list. This means that you have 3 options for adding elements to the Z39.50 Client — Adding a Z39.50 Target yourself, Adding an SRU client (still finishing) or importing an existing target from the master list. Now when users want a target added to the Z39.50 client, I can augment the master list and allow users to retain their customized lists. It also lets users select just the clients that they use most often.


1) AlphaNumeric Tag support: In the previous versions of the beta, the MARCEngine only supported numeric tags — however, per the spec, alphanumeric tags are allowed, so I added the functionality to this version of the beta.

2) Superscript UTF-8=>MARC8 support: When translating from a MARC-8 Record to UTF-8, the program would correctly allow the translation of superscript/subscript characters both ways. However, if typed from the keyboard, the 123 superscripts were in the lower 128-255 character sequences. I’ve added code to the MARCEngine so that if these sequences are encountered during the UTF-8=>MARC-8 translation that they are correctly interpreted as superscripts and converted correctly.

MarcEdit Main Program/MarcEditor

1) Select Selected MARC Records: If a file path is now in the Find area — and the file exists — it will open the file and use the criteria in the file to do a batch lookup. This is good for doing 001 selection. The format of the file is field to search in the first line and then criteria in each additional line. The below is an 001 example:


2) Z39.50 Client link added to main page

3) Special undo added to the Subfield editing function

4) Few bug fixes

Ok — so what’s left to do before the program comes out of beta. A couple of things.

1) Completion of the SRU client — should have a first version included this week.

2) OpenSearch client — I’m considering it — this would let folks download records from places like Amazon

3) COM component integration — I’ve held off on adding this till the end, but I’ll include it in the next version for those wanting to try it

4) Updating translations

5) RobertCompare inclusion

6) MARCValidator updates — I’ve been testing a few to bring it back in line with the MARC::Lint component since I like maintaining compatibility

7) I have some ideas for a few more global editing tools in the MarcEditor — but I’ll probably take the program out of beta before they are added

Updated: I noted one small problem right off the bat with the Z39.50 client. In the Modify Databases, if you click on delete a database or modify a database without selecting one — it will cause an error. You can break out of it and continue working as normal — but these are the types of things I need to do one last check for before I take the program out of beta.

Updated 2: I corrected the above mentioned problem. It wasn’t a big deal but it was bugging me.

Crater Lake Trip — Pictures

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Thanks to Kyle for providing some pictures. Full resolution pictures can be found at:

But since I doubt most folks are interested, I’ll just post some smaller res. files here.