What are they thinking!?

This is definitely going to be one of those venting type of posts. I was enjoying myself — riding my bike in this morning in the cold morning air and between Independence and Corvallis — I was having a great morning. Then, I got to a 3/4 mile stretch right after the Luckiamute River bridge,… Read more

MarcEdit 5.0 refresh

A quick refresh that corrected a few small problems that had been reported with the Deduplication utility in the MarcEditor, a small issue in the Z39.50 Client and the batch utility. Unfortunately, I’ve been a little busy working on a few other things — but I think I’ll be able to start pushing through the… Read more

MarcEdit 5.0 refreshed

This is just a quickly. I wanted to post an update that included some fixes to the MARCValidator and some changes to the Z39.50 client. The primary change is the ability to download multiple items from the single search mode window. Do a search, select the rows you want to extract and then right click… Read more

MarcEdit 5.0 (beta) refreshed

I’ve refreshed the MarcEdit 5.0 (beta) update. This corrects the few remaining issues in the Z39.50 client, adds a list of Z39.50 clients to choose from (see note below on this change), hardens the MARCengine a bit more, completes the UTF-8=>MARC8 conversion in respect to superscript characters and adds few pieces of functionality to the… Read more

Crater Lake Trip — Pictures

Thanks to Kyle for providing some pictures. Full resolution pictures can be found at: http://www.alptown.com/photos/images/Oregon.2005.CraterLake.Joe.Kyle.jpg http://www.alptown.com/photos/images/Oregon.2005.CraterLake.Joe.jpg http://www.alptown.com/photos/images/Oregon.2005.CraterLake.Terry.jpg http://www.alptown.com/photos/images/Oregon.2005.CraterLakeEastSide.jpg http://www.alptown.com/photos/images/Oregon.2005.CraterLakeWestSide.jpg http://www.alptown.com/photos/images/Oregon.2005.CraterLakeWizardIsland.jpg But since I doubt most folks are interested, I’ll just post some smaller res. files here. –Terry