MarcEdit MARCEngine Benchmarking

Just a quick post — I’d pulled our entire database (1,252,718 records) and figured it would be a good chance to try running my console version of MarcEdit on my Linux box. So, I gave it a run converting my MARC records to MARCXML — which means that the program has to handle MARC8-UTF8 conversion… Read more

MarcEdit 5.0 update

Just a quicky — I updated MarcEdit 5.0. Basically a bug fix. Currently, I have two users auditing functionality and will be posting a comprehensive update that includes some new functions and fill in missing functionality. Also, I’ll be posting an updated help document (though not yet complete). I’ll be working on this through the… Read more

Puppy pictures

I forgot to post the pictures of our puppy visit. We visited our puppy — she’s 21 days old, eyes open and wobbling around. We should get to bring her home Nov. 19th. Anyway, here are some pictures: –Terry

Jack-o #1 finished

Its funny what kids can make you do. I’d never really spent much time working on pumpkins over halloween — but for Kenny, the last two years I’ve done a scoopie doo and tom and jerry. This year, I decided that one of the 4 pumpkins that I’ll likely be doing this year is for… Read more

I love college football :)

You just have to love college football. I found this picture on CNN and on the internet when reading about the upcoming Notre Dame/USC game. Hillarious. And BTW, I’m rooting for USC this weekend. I always root for a Pac-10 team when playing out of conference — but I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a… Read more

Readex Digital Institute Notes

Ok — so I guess I’ll have to try this blogging a session again at DLF and simply post notes in real-time… 2005 Readex Digital Institute Trip Report, Terry Reese Background: While this isn’t the biggest gathering that I attend during the year, it’s definitely been one of my favorites. Essentially, for those that haven’t… Read more

Readex Update

Well, I realized something — its difficult to blog a session when you don’t have an Internet connection. We have connects in the conference room by I’m a bit old fashioned I think, because it just seems a little rude to be blogging during someones talk — so I’d hoped to get to type up… Read more

Playing in Vermont

Ah, to get out of the office…I was looking at the weather this morning and would you believe it — I’m getting better weather here in Vermont than my compatriots are having in Oregon. Who would have thought that I’d have to go to Vermont to get back to the mid-70 degree afternoons. Its great.… Read more