IE Toolbar revision and notes

I did a little revision this weekend and added the ability to add your own resources to the IE Toolbar for our library. I’ll be implementing this code for Firefox as well so that I can keep compatibility between the two browsers. Here’s an image: However, something I’m considering doing — and have actually started… Read more

MarcEdit 5.0 beta refresh (Nov. 22)

Ok — this is a biggie — not in terms of new stuff, but fixing something that didn’t quite work right. The MarcEditor — a notepad for MARC records — works fine as is but doesn’t allow you to load files as large as the MarcEdit 4.6 generation. In 4.6, you could load files as… Read more

MarcEdit 5.0 Beta Refresh (Nov. 15, 2005)

Well, well…after working with the SRU client on servers not from the Library of Congress — I’ve realized that I didn’t propery setup my internal stylesheets to handle servers that excluded namespaces. I also realized that outside of the Library of Congress, I couldn’t find another SRU server that supported the bath profile — however… Read more