How demoralizing

The wind this morning was downright brutal.  No only did it take me longer than normal to get into work — but the gusts were strong enough to nearly knock me off my bike.  I spent the better half of my ride out of my seat and leaning against the wind to keep my balance. … Read more

MARBI Proposal 2006-04

So the following was sent out on the MARC Unicode list: Proposal 2006-04, “Technique for conversion of Unicode to MARC-8,” was approved at the MARBI meeting on January 21 with the following additions and changes.1. It was agreed that a proposal for lossless representation of unmappable characters using numeric character references will be brought to… Read more

Goofy grin

I’m not sure what I completely think about being one of the faces of Oregon State University (, but what a goofy grin.  Actually, its nice bit of recognition by my university community and at least they let me wear my beanie in the picture. 🙂  –Terry

2006 Midwinter Trip Report

I have to write a trip report for my institution — so I thought I’d post it on my blog.  Enjoy. ALA Midwinter 2006 Trip Report San Antonio, TX Terry Reese   Ah, winter in San Antonio…certainly it must be warmer and drier than Oregon (at least, that’s the impression that I’ve cultivated).  Well, it… Read more

CONTENTdm and EAD records

For those of you out there that use CONTENTdm — OSU has been starting to experiement with putting EAD records into CONTENTdm and utilizing the software as our temporary (maybe longterm temporary) solution to making EAD records available electronically to our patrons.  As CONTENTdm 4.0 users know, this version offers the ability to index many… Read more

What happened to the wireless revolution

I’ve a wireless junkie so I’ve been waiting for the so called wireless revolution…always on, always there.  Well, someone must have forgotten to tell most airports.  Generally, I plan my travel arrangements through airports that offer free wireless to passengers simply because I like being able to pass the time doing a little work while… Read more

Going to Midwinter….

What a drive into the Portland Airport this morning.  Geez, this morning we got something like an 1/4 inch of rain so the highways heading out of Independence was flooded all the way to I-5 (not unpassible, but lots of high water).  Then, I get to Portland and because of 2 accidents, am only able… Read more

MarcEdit 5.0 minor update

I posted a new update to MarcEdit 5.0 last night relating to how the application handles invalid MARC records. Generally, most MARC tools just spit the records out or stop processing at the offending record. Well, in MarcEdit 4.6 there was a MARC “healer” function that would essentially attempt to evaluate how the record was… Read more

Gary Smith (of OCLC’s) response to MARBI Proposal 2006-04, Technique for conversion of Unicode to MARC-8

I was glad to see Gary Smith from OCLC finally post OCLC’s official response regarding the current MARBI proposal regarding the techniques for conversion of Unicode to MARC-8.  For those that haven’t see the proposal, the general gist of the document is that the current recommendation is to have non-transformable characters dropped, replaced by a fill character.  Personally,… Read more