Truth in Advertising?

I just love this…not to diss Western Oregon University, but I visited their home page and the title of the page just struck me as being funny.  It says: “Western Oregon University — Steadily emerging as a leading comprehensive public liberal arts college.” Below, the page notes that they are celebrating 150 years as a… Read more

MarcEdit 5.0 Update (Language File Editor)

Most folks know that MarcEdit 5.0 allows users to localize the application — and in some respects, it does this very differently then most applications. Most applications utilize a resource file to store strings/resources utilized by the application. MarcEdit 5.0 is different — MarcEdit 5.0 utilizes an xml-based language file (or files) and a custom… Read more

MarcEdit 5.0 update

To deal with servers that provide either http headers in invalid formats or servers that use proxies with expired certificates, I ended up having make a few adjustments to the Verify URL utility.  To get an indepth explaination of what changes were made, please see: Dealing with expired security certificates: Dealing with invalid http… Read more

Dealing with malformed http headers

If you have a link checker, you invariably want to just read page headers.  Well, in .NET, they enforce a very strict interpretation of the HTTP header standard.  Unfortunately, a great number of servers (Innovative Interface’s ILS for one), don’t follow the output rules, so .NET’s HTTPWebRequest object will throw a webexception when requesting headers… Read more

OSU digital production since Julyish

Thank goodness for students.  OSU started their Dspace/Digitization program somewhat in earnest this summer.  And a message from our system admin regarding archival disc usage got me wondering how much scanning actually had been done by the students over the past 6-9 months.  Not counting digitized images (of which, there was ~15,000), the Digital Production… Read more

Two examples working with MarcEdit 5.0’s new COM

MarcBreaker Example: Dim objMARC Set objMARC = CreateObject(“MARCEngine5.MARC21”) ‘These files are not provided. You will need to use your own test files. This example is only to show syntax. lret = objMARC.MarcFile(“C:\Documents and Settings\reeset\Desktop\cyrillic.mrc”, “C:\Documents and Settings\reeset\Desktop\cyrillic.mrk”) msgbox “here” The above is the general MarcBreaker function.  This will work with either MARC-8 or the UTF-8 characterset. … Read more

MarcEdit 5.0 Update

MarcEdit 5.0 beta Update Ok — I’ve posted a new version of MarcEdit.  This update includes the following major changes: Z39.50 changes — I’ve updated the interface in the single search mode.  When clicking edit settings, the program would continually call he click event (frustrating). Z39.50 changes — I’ve modified the master db a bit… Read more