MarcEdit 5.0 Updated

Few updates worth noting from last night/this morning. 1) Added a new option in the Add/Delete Field Utility to allow users to insert a field into the last position in a record 2) Corrected a problem that allows new fields to be added/deleted after a non-numeric field has been added to a record 3) Corrected… Read more

Red Hat Patent lawsuit and its far reaching consequences

I seen that Red Hat has recently found themselves ensnared in a patent lawsuit stemming from their purchase of JBoss.  The lawsuit is centered around the Hibernate 3 technologies — or technologies that deal with object-oriented access to a relational database.  The story can be found here: My assumption, looking over this lawsuit, is that there will likely be much prior art to pull from to hopefully invalidate this particular claim.  However, in a worse case scenero (i.e., the patent is upheld), frameworks made popular by languages like Ruby and Python would be… Read more

MarcEdit 5.0 Update

I made a few updates over the weekend — though the are mostly fixing a few things: Delimited Text Translator:  The generated 008 field was too long.  The date information wasn’t being truncated correctly. UTF-8 => Marc8 translation:  I finally setup the translation to support the Greek and Greek Symbols as noted by the LC… Read more

Beavers win the CWS!

Congratulations to the Oregon State Beavers for winning OSU’s first National Championship in a team sport (not counting cross country).  Great time to be a Beaver. –tr

Warren Buffet to give it all away

I realize that this isn’t library related — but I think its very cool.  A few weeks ago, Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates, makes the announcement that he will step down and continue to spend his vast fortune through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (which does help libraries).  Well today, Warren Buffet announced that he… Read more

Off to ALA

So my wife and I are off to New Orleans.  Should arrive around 6pm New Orleans time, so obviously we’ll be spending quite a bit of time in the air soon.  I’m hoping that the conference is a good one for both the attendees and the city.  As usual — I won’t have much time… Read more

Project Gutenburg update

Andrew Houghton let me know that this project did start creating MARC records for their data sets at some point.  Here’s the link I got:  I haven’t looked at the records yet — but I’ll look at them shortly.  I’ll still post the XSLT in case anyone is interested in just looking at it… Read more

Project Gutenburg MARC records

I’m not sure how many folks will be interested, but I had someone ask me how difficult it would be to generate MARC records from the Project Gutenburg RDF catalog records.  Since I couldn’t remember if anyone has already generated a process for creating MARC records from these sets — I quickly generated an XSLT… Read more