Gone a blackberry pick’n

I was only a matter of time — but I finally broke down and took the family down to the coast to do some blackberry picking.  You see, in riding my bike between Independence and Corvallis every day, I get to smell the blackberries along side the road.  Now, I wouldn’t eat any of the… Read more

MarcEdit website updates

FYI — a couple of changes to the MarcEdit website.  First, the homepage now pulls its information for the current news from my blog.  Second, I’ve started putting all the MarcEdit documentation into a Wiki.  This should allow me to more easily create documentation as well as export the documentation both in PDF and HTML… Read more

MarcEdit 5.0 Update

Ok — I’ve done my testing and am sufficiently happy that the new XSLT engine switching works and that the Saxon engine will work with current XSLT stylesheets.  Benchmarks: MARCXML => MARC MSXML Engine 500 Records: first run (1.2 secs) 500 Records: second/third run (0.09 secs) Saxon.NET 500 Records: first run (5.4 secs) 500 Records:… Read more

MarcEdit 5.0 and XSLT Engines

So I spent a little more time last night doing my final testing before uploading the new build of MarcEdit which includes the choice of utilizing the Saxon or MSXML XSLT engines, and I ended up making a last minute change to make XSLT processing more granular.  When completed, users will now have two locations… Read more

Summer of home improvement

Seems that we have been doing a bit more home improvement jobs this summer than I’d originally thought I would.  Of course, the bigest improvement that we made this year was putting in wood floors — but we’ve been slowly upgrading a number of components in the house.  Today however, was an unplanned improvement.  I… Read more

Ruby and XML

I’ve been doing quite a bit of programming of late in Ruby and I have to say, I’m really disappointed in Ruby’s XML support.  REXML — the built-in Ruby library, well, stinks.  I’ve been trying to use it to parse some simply MarcXML records, and what I’ve finding is that its taking the process ~0.4-0.5… Read more

Example of Changing XSLT Engine via COM

Anyway, once MarcEdit starts allowing users to utilize the Saxon XSLT engine, a new COM property will be made available to allow users scripting to the MARCEngine the ability to modify which engine is in use.  Here’s how it would look: Const MSXML = 1 Const SAXON = 2 lret = 0 Set obj_MARC=CreateObject(“MARCEngine5.MARC21”) obj_MARC.Set_XSLT_Engine… Read more