Info pumpkin lives

Well, apparently my info pumpkin was good enough for 2nd place in our pumpkin carving contest at work.  They got a much cleaner picture than I originally did, so I’ll post it here.  For those of you that don’t speak MARC, the pumpkin is a jack-o-lantern with the MARC record of the Great Pumpkin Charlie… Read more

Search engine love?

Apparently, search engines are loving wikipedia.  Nicholas Carr and others have taken notice recently that Wikipedia is quickly becoming the default source of information for a number of search engines.  Well, now there is some informal research to confirm this trend.  Carr writes today that: Well, now we have such a sample, thanks to a… Read more

University fundraising campaigns

Wow — I was reading MSNBC today and found an article from Newsweek on higher education fundraising campaigns.  4 billion dollar campaigns…wow.  OSU is looking at doing a fundraising campaign — though our goals are much more modest — I believe the last stated goal was somewhere in the 400 million dollar range.  Still lots… Read more

First frost

Ah, enjoyed the first frosty ride of the morning today.  It was 37 degrees at my house and ~31-32 our on the highway (its actually interesting, I’ve found that temperature can vary by almost 10 degrees once you get out into the farmland) making the farm land a very sparkly white.  Fortunately, I grabbed some… Read more

Random Google Thoughts

I was following a thread today talking about some of the legal wrangling’s related to Google and their Google Books project.  The message that made me laugh was a series where someone had commented that Google had long since forgotten their ‘do no evil’ philosophy and have become pure evil.  Of which, someone said it was… Read more

MarcEdit 5.0 Update

Quick update to MarcEdit 5.0.  The following has been updated: Support for .pac files in the Z39.50/SRU client I think that this works.  We don’t use pac files anymore — so lets just say that if the documentation that I have was correct — it should work.  Corrected problem with Find function.  (The program wouldn’t… Read more

NW IUG 2006 — Day 2

Well, I got off to a bit of a slow start today.  I stayed with my brother and sister-in-law in Vancouver, WA and had to make the trip across the river back into Portland.  The sessions started at 9:30 am, so I took off around 9 figuring that 30 minutes would be plenty of time. … Read more

MARC Holdings

Sion Romaine and Linda Pitts, University of Washington (Linda Pitts) This session focuses on the implementation of MARC holdings within III and the UW’s process converting their free text holdings into MFHDs.  The presentation gave a very quick overview of the MFHD format as well as some information relating to the problems that they have… Read more